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AADHAVANA – Plantation stay and beyond! Simple luxury… One’s home, big or small, is one’s heaven!

It’s the place where we can be ourselves, stress-free, put our feet up and be relaxed. These days, even at our home we are seldom able to cut ourselves from distractions and activities that make us stressed out. If home is not where you can take a break, where else do you go? Welcome to Aadhavana!

Aadhavan in Sanskrit means the Sun. Vana means forest. Aadhavana hence means Sun’s Forest (Inspite of its location in Sakleshpur which receives more rainfall during the year we didn’t want to name it as Rain Forest, its beauty is defined well when Sun is around, hence, the name “Aadhavana”). Aadhavana - a stay true to its name, a simple luxury. Not a conventional homestay, Aadhavana is a plantation stay. We have four cottages and a dormitory beautifully built up in the middle of lush green. Well-spaced, well-lit and well ventilated - it’s the perfect place for a family to spend their time together away from all intrusions. While at Aadhavana you get to enjoy the blissful quietness just interrupted by the sweet songs of the birds. Sights of different colored butterflies and migratory birds will fill your senses. The biggest “YES” for this place is there is no one season that’s best to come here. Every season there is something good that will make your visit worthwhile. What more, you will experience a calmness that comes only when you are close to Mother Nature.We are immensely proud to be part of one of the 24 Bio-diversity hotspots of the world. That makes us immensely particular to let only those who respect nature be a part of this beautiful experience called Aadhavana. If not littering and ensuring you don’t contribute to already existing pollution, you are welcome to Aadhavana!

You have the opportunity to make your experience even better by giving it back to the nature. You are free to get your own sapling and plant in our property as your contribution to the greenery. Grant yourself a magical treat called Aadhavana!


Cottage 1

A glimpse of Cottage 1

Cottage 2

A glimpse of Cottage 2 sorrounded with Nature Greenery.

A glimpse of Cottage 3.

Come and enjoy in the natures own Home !!!

Offers and Discount:

Special offers for bikers, Corporates with full house, Marriage and other special ceremonies – Kindly call us to customize the package for you


A view of Manjarabad fort - historical fort built during Tipu Sultan regime. Just 10 kms from Aadhavana


Mookana mane Falls –10 kms from Aadhavana


Kadumane Estate-18 kms from Aadhavana


Bisle Ghat – nature’s best with Bisle reserve – couple of hours drive from Aadhavana


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